REEFERS (Heating & Cooling)

About Premier Truck BodyA refrigerated container or reefer is an addon used in freight transport, that is capable of refrigeration for the transportation of temperature-sensitive, perishable cargo such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and other similar items.

At Premier Truck Body we have a number of attractive solutions for reefers depending on your needs and budget.

Some reefers are equipped with a water cooling system, which can be used if the reefer is stored without adequate ventilation to remove the heat generated. Air cooling and water cooling are usually combined.

The impact on society of reefer addons is vast, allowing consumers all over the world to enjoy fresh products at any time of year as well as experience previously unavailable fresh products from many other parts of the world.

Let us take care of all your reefer needs, whatever they are! From installation to service, we can help! If its a reefer issue, no matter the brand, we are here to provide exceptional service and help get you back on the road working, as quickly as possible.