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Fred’s family has had it’s roots in the wholesale flower bulb, and distribution of cut flowers and potted plants industry for multiple generations in Europe. And, with over 40 years of personal experience, Fred De Boer is a seasoned transportation expert with a keen eye for detail! Fred started his career in the transportation industry in Europe at a young age, where he worked helping out in a truck repair shop. He would later begin his truck driving career with the same company.

Fred continued to work on, and drive trucks until he moved to Canada in the early 90’s where he quickly went to work for a local floral company. Fred immediately recognized a need within the local flower and transportation industries! He decided he would provide the connection from the growers and producers in the lower mainland to the end consumers! Since then, things have really blossomed.

About Premier Truck Body

Fred now has several greenhouses of his own where he grows a wide variety of plants and flowers. He also has a wholesale flower and plant warehousing and distribution operation, as well as a large and very successful floral transportation business.

This particular combination of businesses naturally led to another new business - selling and installing power lift gates. Because of Fred’s keen eye for detail and drive to do things right, he was usually not satisfied with lift gate installations and lift repair work performed on his personal fleet vehicles by local lift gate providers. Fred was regularly re-installing them and looking after them himself. Soon Dhollandia was providing lift gates and parts directly to Fred! This eventually snowballed into Fred becoming the first Dhollandia dealer on the west coast. Fred now stocks more lift gates and lift gate parts than Dhollandia’s own western Canada distribution centre!

Morgan Corporation was the next manufacturer to seek out Fred. Morgan Corporation sent representatives to visit Fred at his shop (located in Aldergrove, BC) and offer Fred a partnership with Morgan Corp! Premier Truck Body was officially born. Since then, PTB has become one of the leading truck body providers and lift gate installers on the west coast.

As a fleet owner and operator, Fred is always facing lots of new challenges and difficulties. His real skill lies in the ability to find solutions that are efficient, but more importantly, effective. There is no settling for “good enough”. Fred understands the advantage of employing good people with the best equipment - you get great results!

Let us take care of all your truck body and lift gate needs, whatever they are! From basic corner cap replacements on older bodies to brand new truck body sales and installation, we can help! If its a lift gate issue, no matter the brand, we are here to provide exceptional service and help get you back on the road working, as quickly as possible. And, of course we are always happy to discuss a new Dhollandia or Palfinger power lift gate when you are ready!

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