Have you ever been out on roads that were so slippery you could not get going from a standstill? You know the scenario, the secondary roads are not plowed, the snow is packed down to ice, and the result is a very slippery surface. This happens more and more, in residential areas as well as in large industrial parks. A lot of industrial property managers also fail to properly sand the loading docks and entry ways, creating situations where a truck can not leave once done. If you are in the situation where you have to make deliveries or pick ups in areas like that, the SLIREJ sand spreader might just be the solution to your problems. This system has proven itself for over 40 years in Scandinavia, where the weather conditions are very similar to those in Canada and the northern parts of the US. The SLIREJ sand spreader lets you apply a trace of sand right in front of the traction tires, enough to provide you the traction needed to take off! The SLIREJ sand spreader will mount in such a way that you can still put snow chains on the drive axle. On slippery, icy surfaces you may opt to apply sand, and when snow chains are mandatory the SLIREJ sand spreader will not be in the way.

Installation of the sand spreader is very straight forward, and can easily be done by any local truck body shop. All that is needed is an airline from the air tanks of the truck, and a solenoid valve to activate the air supply.

There are no vulnerable electronics or electrical systems that can corrode or break down. The sand reservoir is fully hot dip galvanized to withstand corrosion, and a shiny stainless steel version is available for those that want their truck to be of show quality all the way around. As we all know, " the show must go on" and with the SLIREJ sand spreader installed you can do just that!