At home, you don't turn on the heat with the doors open... but when you are in the temperature controlled transportation business that is exactly what you are doing whenever you have to make a delivery! Each time when you back into a loading dock, or when you are making a delivery, the back doors are opened, and your cargo is instantaneously exposed to whatever the temperature is outside. In the summer your frozen cargo is exposed to sweltering heat, and in the winter your cold sensitive, heated cargo is blasted with cold air the minute the doors open.

What to do about it? Loading and off loading requires the doors to be opened on an ongoing basis, at times more then 20 or 30 times a day. Our energy curtain will create a barrier to prevent your cargo from being exposed to the elements longer than necessary. Each time you want to enter the cargo compartment, the curtain will open a specified time, just long enough to put a pallet on, or take a delivery off, all while maintaining the right temperature in the cargo compartment.

The savings in diesel fuel alone will be a good return of investment, and just the fact that you can prevent temperature related claims makes this a great accessory to your reefer truck.Download Spec Sheet