Through his 30 years of experience in the transportation industry, both in Europe and in North America, Fred de Boer of Premier Truck Body is a seasoned individual. Starting out at a young age, helping out in the work shop of the trucking company he would later begin to drive for, he has seen his fair share of the trucking industry. Later on, as a fleet owner, other scenarios presented themselves, that required some ingenuity and creative work to get matters in order. A lot of challenges, and a lot of solutions. Always trying to improve and not settling for the "good enough" solutions has resulted in many options that will create a better, near perfect end product.

With all the experience and knowledge gained over the years, Fred felt it was time to take the next logical step. You employ good people, you want to give them good equipment. As the employer, you know that everyone benefits when your employees have good equipment available for them to work with, equipment that they can be proud of.

Let us lift your business to a new level!