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    • by Premier Truck Body
    • 11-04-2017
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      Who are we? Why are we here?   We specialize in supplying businesses within the transportation industry with accessories that have been proven in the European markets but are new to North America. As many of you know, the European market is in many cases years ahead in technology. European industry standards are often higher, resulting in quality, long lasting products that are user friendly and efficient.    The products Premier Truck Body would like to share with the North American Market are coming to you through years of personal experience in the transportation industry. Our owner, Fred De Boer, is also the owner of Mainland Floral Ltd. which started in 1995.  Back then, when Fred was starting out, he realized that many of the transportation industry products available here in North America, had some short comings compared to the products he was used to back home in the Netherlands. So, after much searching locally, he realized that he would have to import the products and accessories to build a successful fleet of his own trucks.  Since Mainland Floral (a floral wholesale company), mostly uses pallets and carts for loading and unloading it really would require a reliable and user friendly lift gate, and that is when the Dhollandia name arrived on the scene.  Dhollandia is the largest lift gate manufacturer in the European market and it produces products far superior to those available here.  Now, flash forward several years, to 2010. Mainland Floral had been using only Dhollandia lift gates and equipping all trucks and trailers in our fleet with these lift gates. So, Dhollandia started asking Fred "Why don't you start selling Dhollandia lift gates in Canada?" After many years of resistance to this idea, Fred decided it was time for a new adventure and thus the birth of a new company, Premier Truck Body Ltd. Premier Truck Body offers Dhollandia hydraulic lift gates for panel vans, cube vans, straight trucks, semi-trucks, and semi-trailers. We also offer accessories for your medium duty PACCAR cabovers (Kenworth/Peterbilt 220 series truck), such as wind deflectors, cab conversions (sleeper cabs), and sun visors. We also offer energy curtains which specifically cater to the temperature controlled transportation industry. These products have all proven their reliability, and cost effectiveness over the years for Mainland Floral, and now we would like for you to benefit from our knowledge and experience.  A Dhollandia hydraulic lift gate is available for many different applications and will add tremendous value to your business.